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My career in health and wellness started in 2007, so you could say I've seen a few fitness trends in my time.

Spin classes, at-home fitness programs and group HIIT classes that are so intense, they'll have you seeing stars.  I've seen them all and tried some of them, too.  But as a lifelong lover of yoga and Pilates, I've always felt these workouts were missing something.

They seemed to demand an all-or-nothing attitude; they focused heavily on physical fitness and didn't pay attention to mental wellbeing, mindfulness or balance.

My personal journey with 'mindful movement' began with yoga — I studied it in the United States before undergoing further training in yoga and Pilates both in Australia and abroad.

I always knew yoga and Pilates were great individually, but I also felt that together, they could be something special.

So, with a few years of teaching under my belt, I was inspired to create a practice that combined physical movement and mindfulness.

My big goal? To help people build stronger and more resilient bodies and minds.

We launched CorePlus in 2016 with this philosophy in mind, and it became the foundation of our 10 unique classes.

Each and every class is based on the established practices of yoga, mat Pilates and reformer Pilates — with a modern CorePlus twist.

We're not afraid to mix disciplines, turn up the heat, utilise music or add an extra dose of mindfulness to achieve the ultimate mind-body connection.

"To us, exercise should be less about performance and more about moving to feel good, mentally and physically".
8 ways you can make your movement (and life) more mindful

There are plenty of other ways we live and breathe this philosophy, and they don't always involve working out.
Here are some of our favourite tips you can adopt in your everyday life:

1. Listen to your body. Moving should make you happy! Not faint.

2. Fitness doesn't always have to mean performance. Bending, stretching, walking and rest are all vital for a healthy routine and outlook.

3. Life is about balance and moderation. Do things that make you smile, even if they don't always fit the diet or fitness plan.

4. Give as much attention to your inner strength as you do your outer strength. Often, we don't place as much emphasis on our mental wellbeing because we can't 'see' it in the mirror every day.

5. Let go of unrealistic expectations that hold you back or make you feel guilty. Be kind to yourself and make sure your goals are achievable.

6. Learn to understand the power of music. We believe music is so important, we have curated playlists for every CorePlus class! Include it in your daily routine.

7. Build a strong community or support network around you, whether this is your family, friends or your Saturday morning Pilates class. It will work wonders.

8. Make it a priority to disconnect from devices (and anything else that zaps energy and causes anxiety). Ironically, disconnecting from devices helps us to better connect to the people that matter.

Are we speaking your language?

We'd love to see you at one of our CorePlus studios across Australia.

Find your nearest location here and book into your first class! (Pro tip: our Hot Pilates class is what started it all, and it's still as popular as ever. You'll see why.)
About CorePlus
TheCorePlus movement is a fresh perspective on exercise.

We create multi-faceted wellbeing experiences that draw on the established practices of yoga, mat Pilates and reformer Pilates, with a modern twist.

We're home to innovative class formats, architecturally-designed studios, curated music playlists, infrared heated rooms and a sense of community you'll want to be a part of.

We're constantly working hard to innovate and evolve our class formats, making sure we stay well ahead of global fitness and wellbeing trends.

Website: https://www.core-plus.com.au/

Instagram: @coreplus_studios