What do you love most about motherhood?

I couldn’t simply choose 1 thing. There are so many things about being a mum that I love and it all starts from their little kicks from the inside. Your little people turn your world upside down but for the better. I love that they show you what really matters in life, they have endless amounts of cuddles, they teach you patience and to be present and as soon as you meet them you never really remember how you lived a life before them. I love being a mum to my 3 babies, they make my heart so full. - Sam Bonnor

It's impossible to say what I love most about motherhood. Just knowing that you're important and knowing they love you endlessly, no matter what! I get to experience the happiest feelings of my childhood all over again, but through their eyes. I love watching them experience the world for the first time and seeing them appreciate the simplest of things with such excitement. It’s the biggest high! I love being the one they turn to. Their safe place...Knowing you are their everything and they are your everything. - Dani Bonnor

How do you celebrate mother’s day?

Usually Ayla has a homemade card for me she made at daycare and a big snuggle with my two. We then head over to my mum’s place for a big cook up breakfast and champagne! Our parents now have 11 grandchildren between us 4 siblings so it’s always loud and fun! - Dani Bonnor

I usually wake up to some homemade cards, a coffee in bed from the hubby and some cute gifts. We then catch up with family for a mothers day breakfast and champagne and then relax for the rest of the day. - Sam Bonnor

What are the biggest challenges you have being a mother?

I think the biggest challenge for me is finding time to fit everything in. There are not enough hours in the day! Trying to fit in play time, one on one time with each child, homework, sports and then I have my own things like working and house chores. It's tiring but I somehow manage. - Sam Bonnor

Sleep deprivation. Nothing prepares you for it! Spreading myself out evenly between everyone and everything without running myself into the ground. Some days can be overwhelming trying to fit in both work and motherhood especially on that little sleep but I’m learning to let go and that plans don’t always go to plan! - Dani Bonnor

How do you keep up an active lifestyle and juggle being a mum?

I make it a priority because it is so important to me. It has helped me realize that a more active me is a happier me, and a better person/mother. My two have the best time joining in with me. I just include them! I get to use them as weights too! - Dani Bonnor

Being active and healthy is really important to me. I am not my best self if I don't find time for me. So my babies have always just slotted into my workouts may it be in the pram, playing next to me, joining in or in the creche. - Sam Bonnor

What are your go to health snacks for you and the kids for when you are on the go?

Always fruit, you can never have enough. Homemade biscuits or protein balls. Popcorn, fruit bars or fruit squeezes are always handy. - Sam Bonnor

My two love fruit!!! Can’t get enough of it. I cut it up and make a little lunch box for them. Ayla loves helping me make bliss balls and healthy oat/seed cookies too! - Dani Bonnor

Sam, what advice has Dani given you that you’ve taken on in motherhood?

My favourite advice that Dani has given me is if work or a busy day ever gets in the way of being present with my kids or if they are upset and over following me around to just stop and do it later. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze work in with an upset or cranky child. It ends up being less productive and you end up having total mum guilt later. They do and always will come first. - Sam Bonnor

Dani, what advice has Sam given you that you’ve taken on in motherhood?

She reminds me that I’m doing a great job even if I’m second guessing myself, to follow my instincts, to do what works for ME and my children, to not be so hard on myself, they love me no matter what, she’s been my absolute rock since I became a mother! - Dani Bonnor