Lisa Nicolaisen launches ‘Earth Elements’ from Esperance, Western Australia

Nestled between the stunning greenery of the Cape Le Grand National Park and the glistening white beaches of Western Australia, lies the beautiful town of Esperance. This is where the stunning entrepreneur, Lisa Nicolaisen (Founder of Body Pulse Pilates), calls home. Originally a student of performing arts and professional dancing, Lisa later found Pilates and fell in love with the way it complimented her background as a dancer, with the main focus being on strengthening and lengthening your muscles, creating beautiful posture, technique, enhanced breath work and overall body alignment.

Demonstrating her skill and passion for her craft, we were excited to partner with Lisa to launch our latest collection, Earth Elements - a capsule inspired by the beauty and power of natural forces.

“My favourite thing about L’URV activewear is that it’s stylish, comfortable, breathable and hugs you in all the right places… plus I receive many compliments when I’m wearing it. I love L’URV’s neutral pastel tones and my favourite look is a crop top paired with their 7/8 tights” says Lisa.

Taking advantage of the genius at our fingertips, we sat down afterwards to chat about all things health, fitness, business and inspiration.

Lisa, how did Body Pulse Pilates come about? What inspires you to teach others?

“I launched Body Pulse Pilates to help others on their pilates journey. This platform is for everyone. No matter your age, skill level or body type, if you want to create strength, flexibility, balance and stability, then Body Pulse Pilates is for you. Making my clients feel happier, healthier and stronger is what inspires me everyday to keep teaching. It's the best feeling knowing that you are impacting someone's day in a positive way.”

It looks like you're working on a Retreat? Exciting! Tell us about it.

“Yes! A four-day Pilates retreat is in the pipeline for the end of April. It’s an opportunity to share my love for the practice, as well as beautiful Esperance, with like-minded people. I can’t say too much else at this stage… but stay tuned!”

What advice do you give to new clients trying pilates for the first time?

“My best advice is that we all start somewhere and it's best to strip it back to basics and enjoy the process. I think it’s very important for every client to learn the principles and correct technique to ensure a safe practice.”

What's your favourite stretches to start your day?

“My favourites would be roll-downs, downward dog, cat-cow and a side-stretch. My go-to pilates moves for a quick burn would be bridges, planks, push-ups, leg lifts and anything that really fires up the booty!”

We see you love healthy cooking as well! What's your go-to healthy snack or smoothie recipe?

“I love to cook! My go-to healthy snack would be homemade popcorn… I cook it over the stove with coconut oil and top with pink salt. My fave smoothie includes; frozen banana, zucchini, plant-based protein, plant-based milk, chia seeds and peanut butter.”

How important is good activewear in your life/line of work? What are the key features you look for in good activewear? And what are your deal-breakers?

“I pretty much live in activewear 99% of the time, so it's very important to me! My biggest deal-breaker would have to be see-through tights (so unflattering) and the key features I look for in good activewear is comfort, support and style… lucky for me L’URV ticks all those boxes.”